Whether you have a start-up or an established business, tax planning and compliance is a critical element of business success. Klein & Associates is experienced at creating tax-efficient structures for your business. When the planning is finished and the operations begin, our attorneys can provide the necessary legal, accounting, and compliance work to avoid unnecessary tax problems. Established businesses often get stuck in keeping the status quo costing the business unnecessary taxes.   A fresh look is needed to find those issues and address them. Often the issue is a need to separate or consolidate areas of your business to best use the tax laws to your advantage while addressing liability concerns. Klein and Associates has experience in formulating a plan that is right for your business.

The choice of the right entity or tax structure will often have a significant effect on a company’s cash flow, after-tax income, and protection from unexpected liabilities. Klein & Associates understands the complicated relationship between creating a tax-efficient structure for a company’s business operations and the need for strict compliance with a variety of tax, financial, and accounting requirements.

After planning your venture or restructuring to fit your goals and requirements, tax compliance is critical. We can guide you through the income tax rules that apply to your business.