5th Aug 2014

Occasionally we get a panicked call from a client who tells us that their friend of a friend’s financial advisor was horrified at that party to find out they had a LLC (limited liability company) and not a corporation. Didn’t … more

29th Jul 2014

One of the hardest parts of settling an estate is dealing with personal property. Personal property can include cars, jewelry, tools, furniture, and valuable antiques. More often than not, it also includes a treasure trove of family history. It may … more

28th Jul 2014

It happens, the relationship you and your spouse thought was going to last forever didn’t. Maybe you grew apart, maybe one of you has betrayed the trust of the other, but whatever the cause of the break-up, you need to … more

22nd Jul 2014

This symposium focused on advanced planning techniques for estate tax reduction in addition to recent developments in the areas of tax law and asset protection. Call us today at 423.434.0225 to find out how we can help you!