3rd Oct 2014

Being an executor for an estate can be especially difficult when the deceased leaves behind debts.  Worse, when those debts are bigger than the size of the estate.  Even worse when those debts involve taxes from returns filed before the … more

One of the main reasons we find that people do not get around to doing their estate planning is the whole decision making process involved.  How will your assets be handled after your death, who will you appoint as your … more

Clients often come to us and ask what can they do to protect their private assets from the debts and liabilities of their business.  Incorporation in the form of a corporation, limited liability company, or for some a limited liability … more

16th Sep 2014

So you have this thing called an ILIT or Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust.   You know it has something to do with insurance, gifts, and keeping insurance proceeds out of your estate.  But in truth, you really have no idea how … more