12th Nov 2014

You may have heard your estate planner or CPA use the term “portability” in reference to an estate.  What is it?  Portability is the ability of the unused portion of unified credit from one estate to be applied to the … more

With the overturning of DOMA and multiple states now recognizing same-sex marriage by choice or by court order, there are many issues raised for same-sex couples.  One of the most important is the same as for any couple, don’t ignore … more

With the introduction of portability, do you still need a credit shelter trust or “CST”?  It is obvious that estate tax law has changed in leaps, bounds, and occasional crashes backwards over the past 20 years (2010 still creates nightmares … more

We often receive inquiries from heirs of estates, who are frustrated over delays in the administration of those estates. Sometimes, the estates have been in the probate process for several years and yet distributions have not been made to heirs and … more