Past Due Taxes and Passports

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14th Dec 2015

On December 4, the President signed into law P.L. 114-94, the “Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act.” In addition to authorizing federal surface transportation programs through fiscal year 2020, the Act contains important tax-related provisions. Under Pre-Act law, Chapter 75 … more

8th May 2015

Here’s what to know — and avoid — in estate planning for when two families get cobbled together into a new one. These lessons apply to all kinds of families, but are especially acute when stepchildren are involved. Statistics paint … more

1st May 2015

A watershed demographic event occurred in the past few years, although without much notice: For the first time in U.S. history, there are more people who are single than married — 124.6 million singles (among 248.2 million people 16 and older) compared with … more

24th Apr 2015

Family dynamics.  They have a very large impact on estate planning and business succession.  For example, when the family doesn’t see themselves as a “team”, they lack a feeling of togetherness and often look out only for themselves.  This can … more