8th May 2015

Here’s what to know — and avoid — in estate planning for when two families get cobbled together into a new one. These lessons apply to all kinds of families, but are especially acute when stepchildren are involved. Statistics paint … more

1st May 2015

A watershed demographic event occurred in the past few years, although without much notice: For the first time in U.S. history, there are more people who are single than married — 124.6 million singles (among 248.2 million people 16 and older) compared with … more

24th Apr 2015

Family dynamics.  They have a very large impact on estate planning and business succession.  For example, when the family doesn’t see themselves as a “team”, they lack a feeling of togetherness and often look out only for themselves.  This can … more

20th Jan 2015

Clients sometimes feel like their estate planning is the time and place to help resolve family issues or enforce their wishes for how heirs are to live.   While some things can be and should be taken into consideration (trusts for … more