25th Aug 2014

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) recently put out a press release regarding telephone scammers that claim to be calling from the IRS.  TIGTA has received 90,000 complaints of telephone scams and has confirmed that 1,100 taxpayers have … more

Many people are shocked after a family member’s death to learn that pets are considered property.  In the eyes of a court of law, your cat, Fluffy, is no different than your sofa when it comes to disposing of property.  … more

12th Aug 2014

What? You want me to start off this marriage with an agreement about us breaking up?  That’s crazy! Who would ever think of that?  Actually, it has only been in the past 100 years or so that couples have entered … more

5th Aug 2014

Husband and wife set up a trust that benefits the survivor and then at the second death pays to their three children at ages 25, 30 and 35. They carefully consider their choices for successor trustee and decide on wife’s … more

Occasionally we get a panicked call from a client who tells us that their friend of a friend’s financial advisor was horrified at that party to find out they had a LLC (limited liability company) and not a corporation. Didn’t … more

29th Jul 2014

One of the hardest parts of settling an estate is dealing with personal property. Personal property can include cars, jewelry, tools, furniture, and valuable antiques. More often than not, it also includes a treasure trove of family history. It may … more

28th Jul 2014

It happens, the relationship you and your spouse thought was going to last forever didn’t. Maybe you grew apart, maybe one of you has betrayed the trust of the other, but whatever the cause of the break-up, you need to … more

1st Jul 2014

Great post from Fox Business about succession planning– http://smallbusiness.foxbusiness.com/legal-hr/2014/06/09/what-if-your-business-outlives/ Small business owners may not think they need a succession plan, but that assumption is one of many mistakes they make when it comes to planning their future and the future … more

28th Jun 2014

 Excerpted From the National Journal June 13, 2014 A sloppy mistake, the government calls it, but you couldn’t blame a person for suspecting a cover-up—the loss of an untold number of emails to and from the central figure in the IRS … more

27th Jun 2014

One of the most often things we hear from someone in trouble with the IRS is, “I never got any notices” or “What happens if I just don’t open my mail, can the IRS still file a lien against me?”  … more